Program Management Office (PMO) Development

PMO Methodology Development – when your business requires a Project Management Office to oversee project initiatives that are on the horizon, D2D can handle the initial build out of a custom PMO. Getting off on the right foot can make all the difference. We can assist in developing methodologies and best practices that will ensure sustained success.

PMO Expansion – when it’s time to expand your PMO, then strategic, systemized planning is essential. D2D can help take your PMO to the next level with an organized, well mapped out plan to build out across divisions so your entire organization gains superior consistency and efficiency.

Project Manager Mentoring – while we aim for long-term relationships with our clients, we also understand the value of strengthening your internal resources. D2D offers guidance and support services specifically with that growth in mind. Through coaching and training in best practices, we can help groom junior level resources for senior-level management positions. You can feel confident promoting more organized, stronger leaders from within your organization.

Demand Management – if your business faces huge demands, but is light on resources, we’ll help with project prioritization and planning, and provide mentoring to bring your junior resources up to senior ability. Short staffed during the summer and holiday seasons, we offer flexible, supplemental staffing plans to meet your diverse needs.

Vendor Management – when it comes to working with multiple vendors on a project, sometimes the right hand may not know what the left hand is doing. D2D project managers can coordinate across your vendor relationships. As a single point of contact, we ensure that teams are working together which helps avoid duplication of efforts and deliverables that are missed altogether and gives managers a reliable source for project-critical vendor information.