Overcoming Real Estate Investment Management Chaos

How do you manage the complexity on deals and promotes when it can vary as much from company to company as it can from deal to deal?  Do we dare even talk about what it takes to manage consolidations with varying percentages or ownership structures with never ending levels? Or when was the last time you thought about the number of manual journal entries your accountants enter to get the information accurately recorded and the sets of eyes it took to ensure it was error free?

It’s no secret that automation tools, technology, and software can modernize a business. At the same time, automation and new technologies can, understandably, be overwhelming and intimidating for new users. However, when it comes to Real Estate Investment Management, using software to automate the process may not be as overwhelming as the labor and organization that it requires to manage it manually. Implementing the right Real Estate Investment Management tool helps Owner Operators and Property Managers streamline the most common day-to-day tasks and create efficiencies in the overall process.

Now that we have you thinking, don’t forget to look outside of your internal organization and consider what the lack of efficiencies means to your investors. With the tools available in the market today, you can easily improve your business operations while putting your best foot, or shall we say, your most professional foot forward.  Manual mail merges and the process of cutting and pasting data from spreadsheets will provide investors with details that they need, but are often lackluster and sloppy.  Many products today offer secure portals that provide investors with the ability to log in and access current statements and utilize various tools and reporting, thus improving the timeliness to receive information, as well as overall service and support.  You can keep investors engaged by leveraging the digital marketing capabilities to distribute information about investment opportunities, fundraising, contracts and close deals, without having to ever meet in person.

Implementing the right application will provide you with the tools you need to greatly improve your Investment Management operations. Finding a partner with the industry knowledge and technical expertise is critical for a successful transition. D2D’s Investment Management consulting experts are dedicated to transforming your organization. Contact us to help you achieve your goals.