Real Estate

Every aspect of real estate has its own challenges, requirements and body of regulations. From single family residences to condominium complexes and from high-rise commercial buildings to shopping centers there is a world of differences and specialized knowledge that go along with the management of each of these properties.

Whether your business’ main hurdle is marketing for new tenants, improving operations to retain tenants longer, implementing a system for vetting lease applicants, performing better due diligence or refining your accounting process, the team you bring in to take on these projects needs to understand the intricacies of real estate.

The Right Solutions Come from the Right Grasp of Your Business

If your business dealings involve affordable housing, D2D Consulting can traverse the web of regulatory requirements. If your company manages an extensive network of rental properties, our project management team can implement software to streamline operations. D2D consultants will perform a thorough business analysis to pinpoint inefficiencies and recommend the right technology solutions.

Since we can wrap our minds around your business, we can achieve an outcome that brings value to your enterprise.

D2D Consulting has over a decade of experience in real estate technologies implementation and property management applications such as Yardi, MRI, Real Page and Timberline. We work with property managers and owners with networks ranging in size from 16 to 60,000+ units. Our solutions are specifically geared to accommodate the needs of your business and to anticipate and help accelerate its growth.

From software installs and ERP system implementations to revamping the infrastructure of your business, our goal is making your business leaner (do more with less), greener (more cost effective) and meaner (maximize efficiency and get more pow with each punch).