Whether you are an individual practitioner joining a medical practice group or a top-tier hospital uniting with a world-class hospital group, mergers often require complex redefining of business processes, system consolidation and the creation of cohesive communication between two or more independent technologies.

Access to sensitive data is critical and must be combined with tight security measures that guarantee patient privacy. Hospitals and medical practices must streamline operational procedures, ensure fast access to patient records and put technological measures in place that can help stem rising costs using big data analytics.

Merging Practices Means Merging Data

To ensure seamless transitions, having a team member with extensive experience in data conversions, a thorough understanding of the latest digital technologies and the ability to program customized solutions is a must.

A D2D project management team can help blend digital technologies while taking the utmost care to uphold HIPAA privacy standards and to ensure data security. The outcome is easy, efficient access to real-time shared patient data throughout your healthcare network.

Streamlining Data Collection and Retrieval

In addition to consolidating systems, D2D takes the time to make processes more efficient and more convenient for healthcare practitioners while improving the patient experience and enhancing patient care. D2D not only implements the latest technologies, we provide customized training as well as short-term or long-term follow-up support. Our training can help strengthen the effectiveness of staff by teaching them how to leverage technology to facilitate information gathering, amplify its accuracy and hasten data disbursement across departments. Our systems not only provide critical access to shared, uniform data across facility locations, they help ensure consistent care and a patient-friendly experience. Patients appreciate a system that reduces information redundancy, eliminates repetitive form filing and shortens waiting room time.

Keeping Costs Down

Intelligent business solutions can give healthcare facilities a dramatic cost-cutting advantage. D2D can put data-analysis tools in place that can help increase operating efficiencies, optimize staffing, and minimize waste.

Securing Critical Data

With the tremendous amount of sensitive patient data, billing and insurance information as well as drug data being stored at today’s medical facilities, it’s imperative that technology solutions are put into service that will help mitigate security breaches. It’s equally important to carry out steps to keep critical data securely stored in off-site secondary locations.

Whether developing and implementing customized digital solutions, handling data conversions, executing system upgrades, or achieving secure data storage, D2D has the project management team to keep your healthcare facility running safely, efficiently and more cost effectively.