D2D is a MWBE-certified business with proficiency in application development and project management. A lean and agile organization, D2D is built upon an intensely cost-effective business model. With access to a talented pool of specialized resources nationwide, D2D essentially hand selects the ultimate custom team to handle each project no matter the challenge.

In a world as vast as that of government, it’s crucial to have experts who not only understand technology but who also have a working knowledge of the specialized areas that government manages from mass transit to education as well as from real estate construction to interstate highways and bridges, and much more.

Benefit from D2D’s Well-Rounded Solutions Experience

D2D senior staff consists of seasoned developers and project managers who, having handled clients in real estate, healthcare and financial services, have gained a profound ability to ally well with numerous government processes.

“The skill our firm has accumulated in working with these essential services translates well into the technological needs of a wide variety of government projects.”

Dawn Dardzinski, D2D founder.

D2D Advantages: Enhanced Efficiency, Security and Cost Savings

Our innovative software solutions: augment productivity, keep sensitive data optimally secure and streamline operations resulting bottom-line improvements. Your D2D team can refine, consolidate and upgrade systems, migrate data and provide multi-layer security along with efficient data access.

Many of our digital solutions are custom built and all offer seamless transitions in perfect alignment with achieving your goals. D2D can help reduce information redundancy and repetitive form filing while shrinking costs. Moreover, we build systems that deliver powerful analytics.

D2D Support = Your Success

At D2D, we believe that staff training is crucial to leveraging the full strength of the technology we install. Our clients in the private sector appreciate D2D’s ongoing support. From initial software installation, through quality assurance testing to on-site training, D2D is there at each step to guarantee that the system is performing optimally, and your staff has all its questions answered.

In a nutshell, D2D offers custom application development and testing, comprehensive technology support, training and project management. Our senior partners take an active role in every aspect of the project and their expertise working with Fortune 100 firms and government agencies is further enhanced by an outstanding cadre of: dedicated software engineers, experts in systems integration and seasoned PM-certified project managers.

D2D Proficiencies and Services Extend to Handling the Following NAIC Commodity Codes:

Number Description
518210 Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services
531311 Residential Property Managers
531312 Nonresidential Property Managers
541519 Other Computer Related Services
541611 Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
541618 Other Management Consulting Services
NIGP or “Commodity” Codes

NIGP Class and sub Class code information


91802 – Accounting/Auditing/Budget Consulting91803 – Administrative Consulting

91821 – Business Consulting, Small

91826 – Computer Hardware Consulting, Mainframe

91827 – Computer Hardware Consulting, Mid-range

91829 – Computer Hardware Consulting, PC/Server

91830 – Computer Software Consulting, Mainframe & Mid-range

91832 – Computer Software Consulting, PC/Server

91833 – Computer Software Consulting, Internet

91835 – Computer System Integration Consulting

91841 – Education and Training Consulting

91850 – Finance/Economics Consulting

91856 – Governmental Consulting

91859 – Housing Consulting

91871 – Management Consulting

91874 – Medical Consulting

91875 – Minority and Small Business Consulting

91878 – Organizational Development Consulting

91880 – Personnel/Employment Consulting

91884 – Quality Assurance/Control Consulting

91886 – Real Estate/Land Consulting

91893 – Telecommunications Consulting, Voice

91895 – Telecommunications Consulting, Data

91896 – Telecommunications Consulting, Networking