Founded in 2017 by Dawn Dardzinski, a long-time project management leader, problem solver and solutions implementer, D2D Consulting prides itself on the individual focus it gives to the objectives of its clients and on the innovative ideas it brings to the table. We are miles away from a one-size-fits-all solution finder. It’s just not possible. The key is to customize the solution to obtain the desired result. Sometimes that means discovering creative answers and “coloring outside the lines.” It always means knowing what tools can get the job done.

From software conversions and system upgrades to implementing new modules and configuring applications to accommodate each client’s specific business processes, D2D has managed to give businesses a powerful edge. Whether custom developing financial reports, conducting instructor-led, remote training sessions or being a company’s “go to” technical resource, D2D smooths out procedures and puts best practices in place that keep business moving forward.

We’re a young, agile company that stands right on the front line of technology and we look forward to serving your business and sharing our skill, professionalism and ingenuity with you.